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speakerpro2 is a popular user in Retro Dev for his games and because half the community hates him.


speakerpro2 is a user that has around 9,000 to 10,000 visits from developing popular games such as Slide Down 999,999,999 Feet To Winners! They also have earned thousands of retrobux ( over 8,000 ) by making their games. They were constantly harassed by members of the Retro Dev server.


  • speakerpro2 is confirmed NOT underage
  • nobody likes speakerpro2
  • as of 9/13/21, speakerpro2 has 25 games
  • as of 8/16/21, speakerpro2 has 3 badges (Beta Badge, HomeStead, BrickSmith)
  • as of 9/13/21, speakerpro2 has exactly 8,061 retrobux
  • speakerpro2's oldest game was made December 26, 2020, it is called "obby for epic present"
  • speakerpro2 has Level 21 on his old Discord account in the retrodev server, on his new alt, he has level 2
  • speakerpro2's oldest "message" (really just a bot pinging him) on the Retro Dev Discord is from June 30, 2020 (he was banned from the server for possibly being underage and for griefing; the reason because he spammed a few balls in a building game while making a ball pit and they flooded the map)