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Read update log for info on the newest update! Automatic Simon Says!
- Game Description


Retro Simon is the first ever known automatic Simon Says game on RetroStudio. It was made as a project by Aadenboy so he could compete with other Simon Says games that were dependent on admins or the owner being in the game. Currently, the game has 3 known themes, one of them being archived due to the SimonGui being somehow deleted.

Other Info

The game (as I'm typing this) has 521 visits. One admin and one developer has joined the game at least once.


The game has 9 badges currently in it.

Icon Name Description How to Earn
RetroSimonBadge1.png Welcome! You joined the game! You will earn this badge by joining the game.
RetroSimonBadge2.png Become Simon You became Simon! (Cannot be earned from Force Simon button) Become the Simon for one round. This cannot be earned if you bought Force Simon.
RetroSimonBadge3.png Beat Simon You beat the Simon! (Cannot be earned if Simon reset.) Complete one round without dying. Cannot be earned if the Simon had reset or died.
RetroSimonBadge4.png Very Smart You got 100 wins! Get to 100 wins.
RetroSimonBadge5.png Master-mind You got 1,000 wins! Anyone who has this badge is extremely dedicated. Get to 1,000 wins.
RetroSimonBadge6.png THE CAPE You bought the cape! Now you look like a super-hero. Buy the Very Cool Cape, which is worth 7 points.
RetroSimonBadge7.png Banana Frenzy You bought the trip stick! It's the best way to annoy anyone. Buy the Trip Stick, which is worth 15 points.
RetroSimonBadge8.png You Met Me! You met the owner in a server! Be in a server with the owner.
RetroSimonBadge9.png Hmm... It's a secret... (???) Touch the badge giver that is on the roof of the game. Usually the owner will teleport you up there.


  • robloxandtyler, a developer of Retro Dev joined the game once.
  • robH1, an admin for Retro Dev has joined the game at least twice.
  • The game has been up for more than a year.
  • The game has many bugs, and is not perfect.
  • The owner has an Owner Panel, which allows him to give/reset his points, and force start the game.