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A List of hats exclusive to RetroStudio's Catalog.

Name Image Description Price
Forged in the depths of hell by the developers held captive by a mythical creature only known as AyRay 20 Retrobux
AyRay. By ME0WAW0 200 Retrobux
David Bloxikin
David Bloxikin.png
Hold this weightless David Bloxikin. By Vodotix 200 Retrobux
David Hat
David Hat.png
Wear this cool David Hat. By Vodotix 200 Retrobux
Et hoc hat creata per usum realis Davi. By ME0WAW0 665 Retrobux
Shoulder AyRay
Carry this heavy AyRay Baby. By Vodotix 665 Retrobux
Teapot Turret
AYRAY 2.3474575475475e+94 Retrobux
Vodotix Bloxikin
Hold this light Vodotix Bloxikin. By Vodotix 200 Retrobux
The Fiery Agramon
They don't dare question the malicious acts of the being who brands themself wearing the evil effects that lie in the agramon. 50000 Retrobux
I Love Cris
I Love.png
The Cris Admiration Sign. By Vodotix 5 Retrobux


- David Hat/Bloxikin may have been inspired by the character figure (which was made by user Toolbox) as seen in Dynablocks, the alpha testing stage of ROBLOX.

- Teapot Turret hat was mostly known outside of RetroStudio, as a hat used by exploiters due to the fact it gives the wearer HopperBin tools which allow to create a Fire Shield, shoot a Fire Laser and create explosions. Also it was known for giving the Gravity Hammer tool, coming with it. When the aforementioned tool was used, it could create a explosion which would kill the target and send them flying. The Teapot Turret in RetroStudio is way different from the original both in abilities and design.

- Teapot Turret in RetroStudio is actually a retexture of the Teakettle hat, technically making it a Teakettle Turret instead of a Teapot Turret.

- The Fiery Agramon is actually called "FieryPumpkinOfDoom" in studio.

- The Fiery Agramon is created by vodotix despite him not being credited in the description of the item.

- The Fiery Agramon appears to be a evil version of The Dusekkar as well as a retexture judging by the description of the item and the description of the model [1]

- The "I Love Cris" hat is made after one of the Retro Dev developers called Cristiano100 or simply Cristiano.

- The "I Love Cris" hat is the only RetroStudio hat that doesn't have the Retro tag.