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Promotional codes (promo codes) are codes that can be found in Ads, the Retro Dev Twitter, or the Retro Dev Discord. They can give you goods such as Items, Retrobux or other goods.

To the idiots who keep suggesting promo codes on this page, stop. This isn't a suggestion site, this is only a list of promo codes the players of the Retro Dev community know.

The Codes[]

Code Rewards Redeemable?
First3verCode 250 Retrobux Expired
RetroAd1 250 Retrobux Expired
CaSe - SenSiTive 250 Retrobux Only once
roblox Roblox theme Multiple times
Enter code here! A kick message Multiple times
AyRay AyRay Mode Multiple times
RetroNet Registers you to the Retro Dev bot-net Expired
RetroDev20K 1000 Retrobux Expired
1000000 Lose all RetroBux (Kind Of) Multiple Times
Wyhlster Dumb Like the AyRay code, but with a different hat. Multiple Times
render Teleports you to a place where you can take images of peoples Retrostudio avatars in front of a green screen Multiple Times
FreeRetrobuxReal 250 Retrobux Expired
FakeCodeThatGivesYouNoRetrobux 500 Retrobux Expired
50kMadness! Retro Dev Madness Face Expired
5MilVibes 500 Retrobux Expired
TweetTweet 1000 Retrobux Expired
sitebeta Takes you to a beta place for the new home GUI Multiple Times
July1st 250 Retrobux Expired
July4th 250 Retrobux Expired
30K Group 500 Retrobux and the Retro Madness face Expired
MyThemeIsTheBestTheme 1000 Retrobux Only once


  • The roblox promo code doesn't actually grant you anything, instead it replaces multiple images with one of ROBLOX's logos, and replaces some text to say ROBLOX instead of what they actually say. Example of this is the top navigation bar.
  • The AyRay promo code kinda has the same effect, but instead of replacing things, a little gui pops up on the bottom left corner, and when you press Yay!, AyRay's hat slowly comes to your screen, with multiple more appearing. Then it starts rotating.
  • The Enter code here! promo code kicks you when you enter it.
    • This code was actually a suggestion from aadenboy, instead saying the kick message should say "You're not funny." upon redeeming the code.
  • The 1000000 promo code takes away all of your Retrobux upon redeeming it. Well, not actually. Your Retrobux has not actually changed and will return to normal after rejoining. But, once the number reaches 0, it replaces the icon with Tix and changes your balance to this sentence: "Solve for a: a * b^4 = 2a - 3.4b + ab^4"
    • If you want to know what a is, then here you go.
      • Step 1: Add to both sides.
      • , which is
      • Step 2: Add to both sides
      • , which is
      • Step 3: Divide both sides by .
      • , which gives our answer:
      • This was completely useless, since we can't really use for anything.
  • The render promo code was made by AyRay because he saw that the picture in each of the player's articles had the avatar editor background in it.
  • In total the codes give you 6000 Retrobux and the same face two times.
  • The July1st promo code was a promo code that was available from July 1st/July 2nd (depending on your timezone) to July 2nd/July 3rd (depending on your timezone). Happy Canada Day! :D
  • "30K Group" is the only promo code with a space.
  • The MyThemeIsTheBestTheme promo code was added when there was a poll in the Retro Dev Discord Server's announcement channel about what theme you like best.

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