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McBloxxer Burger or McBloxxer's is a roleplay/hangout game created by TheArtistTree. The game is centered around a restaurant branded as "McBloxxer's" where you can roleplay as the customer or an employee in the food place.


Despite the game being created on January 22nd 2021, the idea of McBloxxer began after the rise of multiple company based games such as Walmart and Home Depot, and the rise of restaurant games such as Blox Burger and Blox King.

The game took a few days to build before being released to the public on January 28th. In the following months, the game would slowly expand from there, adding more features to the restaurant, expanding the map and more.


On the 5th of August 2021, a youtuber known as Remainings played McBloxxer for a video which boosted the game onto further popularity after the game has hit 100k visits.

Toy Lines[]

On February 27th 2021, TheArtistTree added 'Bloxxer Meal's Toys!' to McBloxxer Burger, a small line of toys that follow a specific theme. In that case, it had a few swords from the hit-game 'Sword Fight on the Heights'.

Here are a list of toys released thus far:

McBloxxer's Toy Lines
Name Items Start End
Sword Fight on the Heights Sfoth Toys.png February 27th June 3rd
Reject Humanity, Return to Monke Rhrtm Toys.png June 4th July 20th


  • There is a couple Easter eggs scattered around the map such as the 'Blox Burger is cool' on one of the restaurant's parking spots.
  • The original design was meant to be a black roof with red walls.

The first image of McBloxxer, posted on Retro Dev's discord server.

The restaurant's appearance from January 25th to February 28th.

The restaurant on February 28th

The New McBloxxer Restaurant Revamp made the 20th of July 2021