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DeveloperPixels is a RetroStudio Player/Developer


DeveloperPixels Is known as creator of Snowy Place! Outside is raining and Pixels' natural disaster survival. He was also the creator of He is also known for his Quality Free Models

At 9/29/2021 at around 9:20 PM EST, DeveloperPixels left Retrostudio and Retro Dev

Departure reasons[]

  • The reasons why DeveloperPixels left Retrostudio and Retro Dev was because of a meme sent in Retro Dev Discord Group or tho that might not be true.
  • Acording to Presleygamer617, DeveloperPixels has said he was leaving because "he got constantly harassed cuz of wearing stitch face" - Presleygamer617.


i'm back dumbass.

after 7d of retirddasded :tropl'


  • ayray is his life