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Hello im a person on retrostudio who used to play retroblox and stopped playing it when they removed Dodgeball.

Cam is the creator of THE RAKE BETA

Cam is also the creator of FPS Gun Testing (V1)

Cam is also the creator of Return To The Pizzeria (Not Finshed)

Cam is the creator of other worlds that are not on the wiki. (Giant Survival and etc.)


  • A Person Trying Recreating games from Late 2015 - 2009 is most likely me, That would be a rare chance if i remade a game from 2016
  • Bloxy Cola
  • yeahae i dont knoaw waht to putttttt fatttttyytytytytytytyty
  • Current Game Development is on the top of the page (Games That Are On The Wiki)