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Aadenboy is a developer in RetroStudio, and has made a bunch of games (most of which he abandoned). He is also a contributor for the Retro Dev wiki. He joined somewhere in early 2021 from seeing a friend playing it.

His games[]

Aadenboy has made a lot of games, and almost all of them are abandoned. We'll go into detail about each one of these games.

Mini Tower[]

His first game was him making a mini tower, since he believed everything was unanchored in old Roblox (which is not true), a majority of the surfaces was given the weld surface. He stopped working on the game when he made the second floor.

Escape Philadelphia[]

Escape Philadelphia is another obby game, where you had to do tediously hard jumps to complete the obby. The world was also in a red environment with red fog around it. When you reach the end of the obby, it is claimed to be Florida. How could this get any worse? Also, there is a sign at the beginning claiming this is Insane difficulty, a difficulty from Juke's Towers of Hell, even though it most likely is not.

Aaden's Towers of Nostalgia[]

Hey! This page has it's own pages! Aaden's Towers of Nostalgia (Old), Aaden's Towers of Nostalgia (New)

Aaden's Towers of Nostalgia is his first decent game in RetroStudio. When you enter the game, you enter a "Ring Select", where you can use it to traverse to different "Rings", and events that took place. When you entered Ring 1, you would be put into a lobby. One way led to the cat therapy, which used to have a glitched zombie model in it, but was removed later. It also had Not Even a Tower's portal behind a wall in it some time later. Another way led to the credits. This was never updated though. Next led to the Viewing Area, where you could view all the towers from the lobby. This soon had an updates board, a shop (where you could buy items to help you in towers), and soon an outside section, when the lobby had a quick revamp. The last section in the lobby is the towers area. This is where all the portals to towers would be, and home of the game's difficulty chart. This area (and the lobby) had a revamp, and all the tower portals were moved into seperate rooms instead of being bunched up in a cramped space. Soon later, aadenboy was getting demotivated with the game, and thought it wasn't meeting his standards, so he threw the game into a single model, put it into the Teams folder, and remade the game entirely. The new lobby is now on ocean rather than on a floating island. You would enter a small cave, which is where both Beginner and Intermediate towers would lie. If you go on the cave, you would find both Advanced and Psychologically Unsafe tower areas. The only tower ever added to this remake was an intermediate tower. After that, the game barely got any updates, being abandoned in the end.

climb the for some reason extremely tall house just for a team[]

This game is more on a joke. He inserted a house model, took the middle part, and copy/pasted it a whole lot of times. Then added a truss so you could reach the top.

Tower of ########## Annoyances[]

This game is another tower game, I would call it a remake of Mini Tower, but an actual 100x100x100 tower. It was given up on shortly after it was created. Also, the tags is Nostalgic, it was made before I knew it was spelt Nostalgic, and not Nostaligic. Yeah, pretty dumb.


Marbles is another decent game, but this time there isn't much story to it. It's more of just a tilted platform with marbles that roll down it to kill players. There is also some things to knock around the marbles, like cylinder poles, a really big bump, wedges, trusses, etc. If you got to the end, you would be given the Winners team, and some models like a Bloxy Cola Vending Machine. Anyways, soon the game broke after the cylinders had sphere physics instead of what they usually are. Sadly after some time, the game broke entirely as the cylinders turned into spheres. The marbles could not get past it which made it broken.

cola ###########[]

Unlike Tower of ########## Annoyances, I don't know what the tags are. What I do know is that this was supposed to be a restaurant where you purchase Bloxy Colas. Never finished, only made the team select.


This game was somewhat inspired by a different game, where you go onto boats and ride down 999,999,999 miles or something. Anyways, some time in that different game, some people (including aadenboy) started to stop the boats from going forward, claiming that you would be going to Brazil (in a way you are, you would be sent to the void). Sooner later, he made this game, where it would be similar. One team rides boats, the other stops them from going further.

N.oo.b-ception (WIP + TESTING)[]

This game was supposed to be a fighting game where the map, and weapons were noobs. This never worked.

Low Budget Tower of Hell[]

Yep. It's in the name. It's basically a really bad version of Tower of Hell. Let's not speak about it.

The Quest for BOBUX[]

This game was supposed to be a story game, where you (the player) had to go on a quest to get bobux. This game was quickly abandoned after he got demotivated after trying to make a dialogue system before dialogue instances were a thing. Though when they were added, he added dialogue to the NPC. Then he abandoned it. 100% best form of comedy

aadenboy's place 12[]


quarantine simulator[]

This game is where you take place boarded up inside a house, in "quarantine". If you went outside, you would presumably be attacked by zombie models that look like a virus. Honestly why was this game made?


Nothing else to say here.

David Blocks[]

He find David Blocks. He use. He odfawpq0f-dibopsfgjidokspfijgpdjgido.



Tiny [Living Room Update][]

This game was the first game to be made where you were small. The game was first a simple house where you could go into the sink, touch a knife, bounce on the bed, and not be allowed out. The game spiked in popularity, and the owner messed around with Kohl's Admin. It was then given an update. The living room was here. Sadly, barely anyone joined after that. The living room consisted of a giant Slamo (JToH's old mascot) with a broom, a table with a TV (sus), cup with water, and robux, and a chair infront of it. Did I mention there was also memes on the wall?

really bad minecraft[]

Basically a game that mocks the Minecraft building games that were popular for some time. Though aadenboy has no hate on them.

mining simulator.mp4[]

Was supposed to be a mining simulator, never was finished.

Hole in the Wall[]

This game is a recreation of Hole in the Wall. The game had a very similar lobby to it. and when i mean similar I mean almost the same. The game used to use walls welded to a part that would move on a conveyor. This caused problems, as the walls were pushable, and tended to break at times. Not to mention that it also had hinges, which never teleported, and would launch back. Oh! About teleporting, the walls would be teleported to a small baseplate. Soon, someone in the Retro Dev discord mentioned that moving parts can have multiple positions, and don't have to be named Point1 and Point2 while aadenboy was trying to figure out how to make moving parts work like that. He then updated the game to use moving parts, and it was working splendidly. Then the game was abandoned. The end.

Stud Simulator[]

Stud Simulator was aadenboy's attempt at making a tycoon without any prior knowledge on how to make one. He successfully did, and even had hammers that were animated. Speaking about animated hammers, he posted a video of a failed attempt to animate the hammer when that happened. It will be shown in the gallery.

aadenboy's place 22[]

This is aadenboy's attempt at trying to make an automatic elevator game in RetroStudio, since he hated the non-automatic ones. He never finished it due to confusion on how it would work.


I don't feel like explaining this one.

Volcano Escape (lol hahaha wip)[]

This was a recreation of the old game, Volcano Escape. Since it was uncopylocked, he figured he would use it to recreate it in RetroStudio. He stopped working on it at the cart ride part, since there was no cart ride kit available in RetroStudio, let alone the cart for it.

aadenboy's place 25[]

It's just a baseplate.


don't join[]

This was a house for what was supposed to be a custom David Blocks trailer. Never was, never will be.

aadenboy's place 29[]

It was supposed to be a seat welded to a ball so you could ride it :I, never worked

Hotel Elephant Recreation (hahahaahha wip)[]

The name explains what this was supposed to be. aadenboy found a model of Hotel Elephant, and used it to recreate the game. Though the game is currently unfinished and may be finished in the near future.

some ball challenge[]

hhh I don't wanna explain this one either


For context, the game had an April Fools event (2021) that added a new time into the game, April 1st, 2021. It was also renamed to PresentStudio, because 2021 is the present. Not past. Anyways, it would give modern surfaces, and make everyone ro-gangsters (in r15), this video will explain the rest.

Robloxia's Bullet Hell Madness![]

No, not bullet hell as in shooters, bullet hell as in just dodge a bunch of obstacles and survive. Never finished, never want to.

Guess the Image![]

This game was supposed to be RetroStudio's first ever Guess the Image game after a new model was released. He stopped working on it though, leaving it to be abandoned.

Super Checkpoint![]

Super Checkpoint was supposed to be a recreation of the old Super Checkpoint, but he stopped working on it. After some time, he decided to add a Gui to it, then stopped working on it again.

go to bed simulator[]

It was supposed to be something like GASA4, but not really. The story is that it's 1 AM, and you're still at work. You're given a task to get back to your house and go to sleep. He stopped working on it though.


No, not Fall Guys, droppers.

Mini Golf ®[]

Since Guis were a thing in RetroStudio, he decided to recreate an old golfing game that he randomly found a while ago. It currently only has 1 map and 8 holes, but at least he finished it!

aadenboy's place 39[]'s just a baseplate I don't know what else to say

aadenboy's place 40[]

This one was made as footage for a video he was going to upload to FulpTube. Though he never finished making the video, and sadly after some time FulpTube was shut down.

empty game[]

This originally was supposed to be a dialogue gui test, but he gave up realizing how complicated and time consuming it would be. Then he found out #times was a thing and wanted to see how many second it would take to save a completely empty game, leading to this. (btw it was 0 seconds)


This was aadenboy's attempt at making the ROBLOX game, SCP-3008. Too bad he couldn't make a gear that could drag entire models. Shortly after someone else made an SCP-3008 game.

1994 AyRay Incident[]

1994 AyRay Incident is a PM 6:06 like game, with the walls being smiles and the ground and ceiling being total black. The game only has two levels as of right now and may be updated to have more. Only time can tell.