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Aaden's Towers of Nostalgia is a Juke's Towers of Hell fan-game made inside RetroStudio. It currently has one ring. That ring has 5 towers, 1 mini tower, 1 citadel, and 1 joke tower portal. It also has an up-coming April Fools event. There is also a shop, but since gamepasses do not exist yet, it uses Tower Points, which are given in varying amount depending on the tower's difficulty.


The game has a tiny bit over 600 visits. It was created on January 16, 2021, and last updated on March 2, 2021. It is not the first fan-game to be made, as a different one had been made a day before it which is kinda sad.

Game Description

A Juke's Tower of Hell fan game, but in this game lol (pog)


  • The game is the second JToH fan-game to be made in RetroStudio.
  • The joke portal used to be enterable, which would take you to the impossible joke tower.
  • ToF is the only tower that uses the oldest version of the kit.
  • The Bootleg Gravity Coil used to be in the kit with a different coil, the Bootleg Speed Coil until it was moved to the shop.
    • Speaking about coils, the shop used to contain a Bootleg Regeneration Coil and a Bootleg Fusion Coil until those two and the speed coil were removed. The regeneration coil was replaced with an empty Trail Mix bag, and the Fling Ball was given a lower price.