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ADefaultGuy is a mildly frequent player of RetroStudio.


ADefaultGuy joined RetroStudio on March 16th, 2021 after seeing various videos on it. ADefaultGuy had been part of the old Roblox emulation community in 2018, however was driven off due to drama within the community.


The first game worked on by ADefaultGuy was a poorly made disaster survival game titled 'SURVIVE DISASTER ISLAND!'. The game was never released as ADefaultGuy realized that a game like that would be especially hard to create, as he envisioned a game with a round system before round systems became heavily publicized.

Walk Down the Path of DOOM![]

Walk Down the Path of Doom was the 2nd game worked on by ADefaultGuy. The original premise was to get in a car and drive down a road in which you'd face enemy zombies, lava bricks, and other deadly obstacles. This idea was scrapped when ADefaultGuy messed up the placement of various obstacles, and he decided to simplify it by making it more or less an obby. The rewards section was not all too well made and the game was no longer worked on by the day after its creation.

Knights and Guns[]

Knights and Guns was the first game which ADefaultGuy completed for a release to the public. The game started off as a very simple PVP game with an unfinished map. The basic premise was that there were two teams, including the Knights team and the Military team. These teams would fight in a battle of medieval and modern weapons. The game was developed with suggestions from others, and eventually was released in a working state. The game slowly began to rise in popularity, and, within a few hours, it exploded due to an influx of players from the dying game Amogus. As a result, the game managed to hit #2 on the RetroStudio front page, behind Zombie Survival Tycoon and ahead of Amogus with 25 players. A party was held to celebrate the large player count, before the game slowly died off. The game was abandoned shortly after due to ADefaultGuy deciding to move on to other projects.

Knights and Guns' map.

Speedy Circle Survival[]

Speedy Circle Survival was the fourth major game attempt made by ADefaultGuy, and one of the first with detailed building put into it. The games basic premise was that you would get into a car and avoid 3 large boulders. If you successfully avoided them, you were awarded with a point. These points could be used to buy PVP items in the shop, where, in turn, you could fight players for more points. When the game was completed, it ended up being riddled with bugs and was quickly scrapped after poor playercounts.

Armed and Dangerous[]

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Armed and Dangerous is the current main project being worked on by ADefaultGuy. The game began development in early April of 2021, where it was planned to be a mafia-based game named Criminopolis. ADefaultGuy decided that, to hit a broader playerbase, he should scrap the mafia idea and make it a cops and robbers game. The game was slowly built up, and eventually finished in early May of 2021, where it was released to the public. The games playercount didn't climb rapidly, much to the dissappointment of ADefaultGuy due to the amount of effort put in. The game slowly climbed, however, and hit about 20 players, where a group photo was taken to celebrate the achievement. The game is by far the most detailed made by ADefaultGuy, featuring a complete city map and fully detailed interiors.

The skyline of Oceanbed, the setting of Armed and Dangerous


  • ADefaultGuy's first few days on RetroStudio were filled with searching for tutorials on how to script.
  • ADefaultGuy does not enjoy remaking games and prefers making original games, because he feels as if taking ideas is uncreative.
  • ADefaultGuy doesn't regularly play RetroStudio for nostalgia as he joined in early 2015, however as an easy way to create games with a fun twist on it. He enjoys the different time periods and their differences, but, again, does not play for nostalgia.